Child and Family Case Manager

The Child/Family Case Manager is responsible for case management of services to children, youth and families.


Family Services

Pay Grade:


Job Description:

Under the supervision of the Program Director of Family Services Department. The Child/Family Case Manager is responsible for case management of services to children, youth and families, child abuse and neglect referrals.


  • Respond to 24/7 child abuse and neglect referrals with Child Welfare Worker.
  • Provide advocacy and support to program clients and families.
  • To carefully understand the needs of the recipients by assessing, understanding their current needs and arranging for their wellbeing. The case manager guides the clients to choose the most appropriate service according to their needs.
  • To coordinate with various service providers (Tribal and/or State) to ensure the fulfillment of what the recipients(s) to their needs.
  • To ensure proper follow ups, and have face-to-face interactions with the clients and other parties involved.
  • To make it feasible for the clients to access increased supply to services as per requirement.
  • To be well-versed with various parameters that would make the activities and functions of a case manager easy to accomplish. This includes adequate knowledge about the availability of resources, the desired paperwork that needs to be done, and to adjust all these activities according to the need of the clients.
  • To keep proper records of all case work such as records of the client’s information, the meetings held with the clients and service providers, details of the referrals that were issued, the plans and goals that were outlined to ensure a positive outcome, etc.
  • Makes medical appointments for children in foster care and works with foster parents with needs of the foster children.
  • Makes follow up visits with children in foster care and kinship relative placements on a monthly basis.
  • Provides family preservation to prevent the breakup of the family and children by monthly homes visits to identify existing needs and services; making sure the clients are provided proper services such as medical, behavioral health, and other public assistance, etc.
  • Organizing and implementing the evening parent classes by collaborating with tribal service providers and outside resources for topic presentations. Disseminating parent class schedules to the clients, parents/families, schools, tribal programs and  community.
  • Organizing, implementing and monitoring the Foster Care Training sessions on a quarterly basis. Disseminates foster care training announcements to interested families and community members.
  • Participate in the reunification process by collaborating with the Child Welfare Worker on active efforts to reunify children with their families such as monitoring supervised visits, etc.
  • Need to be able to interpret legal, medical and/or other documents for client’s needs, write reports and professional  correspondence.
  • Provide appropriate referrals to General Assistance Worker for client assistance with Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF), food stamps, LIHEAP, general assistance, social security benefits, etc.
  • Report any suspected child abuse or neglect in homes and/or a foster home to the Director and Child Welfare Worker.
  • Participate in case consultation on a weekly basis with Program Director and staff.
  • Coordinates the plans and organization of the monthly Evening Parent Sessions through collaboration with local tribal programs, State resources, etc.
  • Attend assigned Tribal Court review hearings for program representation and may serve as a language interpreter upon request by the clients.
  • Attend varies meetings, conferences and trainings pertaining to case management, ICWA, child abuse/neglect, preservation of families, child/family services, etc.
  • Attend staff meetings and other required meetings within the tribal programs such as Childhood Collaborative, SOC Task Force, etc.
  • May be required to provide transportation for children in placement to medical appointments, school related appointments,  etc.
  • Prepares and compiles monthly narrative report and child/family services report to the director, as required.
  • Participate and assist with the program and other tribal program prevention activities.
  • As an incidental driver, operates tribal and government vehicle.
  • Abides by all Federal Confidentiality law and privacy practices under the HIPPA regulations and adheres to the Professional Code of Ethics.

    Additional Responsibilities: Public Speaking; other duties as assigned; positive interpersonal skills are required to effectively
    work with clients and families. Be on call 24/7 for crisis response.



  • HS Diploma or equivalent
  • AA or BA in either Social Services or Social Work or in a related field is preferred.
  • 3 years of work experience in Tribal Human/Social Services or Tribal Organization; excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Valid driver’s license; Must obtain the Certified Peer Support Worker (CPSW) and Family Development Specialist certification.
  • Must have manual dexterity to enter and retrieve data from a computer.
  • Must pass a drug screen, thorough background and Driver’s license check.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Keres speaking is preferred


Working Conditions:

  • A safe and appropriate work environment for all staff and clients.
  • The sensitive nature of work may have an emotional psychological effect on staff.
  • Work environment must provide some means of improving staff morale and wellness.
  • Work is usually conducted in an office setting.
  • Sits for long periods of time and types.

Additional Info:

This position description in no way states or implies that these are the only duties performed by this employee. He or she will  be required to follow any other instructions or to perform any other duties requested by his or her supervisor.

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