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Gaming Enterprise Board Member for the San Felipe Pueblo Gaming Enterprise


San Felipe Pueblo Gaming Enterprise

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The Enterprise Board’s responsibilities, powers and authority is specifically set forth in the tribal gaming ordinance. The mission of the Enterprise Board is to develop, manage, and operate gaming and such other non-gaming enterprises and business ventures on tribal lands on behalf of the Pueblo and authorized by the Pueblo, using sound management policies and business principles and applying market feasibility to sustain profitability and enhance optimal employment for members of the Pueblo.


  • Have a minimum of five year experience in business ownership, management, accounting, Federal contracting, operations or related fields.
  • Have a working understanding of business finance and reporting, including but not limited to Business plans, Income Statements, Balance Sheets, Cash Flow Analysis and Pro Forma Financial Projections.
  • Have an understanding of, and ability to access, various economic development and business networks.
  • Have a willingness to accept the fiduciary duties and responsibilities of Board membership, including execution of a confidentiality agreement, etc.
  • Must have some Tribal Gaming experience and/or knowledge of Tribal Gaming.
  • Must pass a thorough background check. Must not have been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor involving dishonesty or moral turpitude, including but not limited to, extortion, embezzlement, bribery, perjury, fraud and theft and must not have violated any applicable ethic rules.
  • Must not have any financial interest in the Pueblo’s business operations, whether directly or indirectly.
  • Must not be an elected/appointed public official of the San Felipe Pueblo Government.
  • Must be able to obtain a Gaming License.

Additional Info:

SAN FELIPE/VETERAN PREFERENCE SHALL APPLY. If interested, send resume to or . Or applicants may drop off resume at 127 Hagen Road. San Felipe Pueblo, NM 87001

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