This position is responsible for providing superior service to both internal and external guests.





Job Description:

This position is responsible for providing superior service to both internal and external guests. The surveillance manager is responsible for the successful operation of the surveillance shifts and staff through the performance of assigned duties, paperwork, and reports, as well as for the supervision and performance of surveillance supervisors, technician and operators. Ensures compliance with all internal controls, as well as gaming regulations, in addition to making sure that the surveillance system is maintained and fully operation at all times. The incumbent assists and advises other departments and staff to assure the successful performance of their assigned duties and the organization.


  • Direct all activities in the Surveillance Department to ensure the protection of life and property.
  • Create, develop, and implement an effective plan of departmental policies and procedures, internal controls, and department specific logs/forms.
  • Responsible for the surveillance of all gaming floor and secure casino areas to include table games, slots, cashier’s cage, count room, all money handling areas, and the audio/video recording of activities in the casino and throughout the property, including the Travel Center.
  • Ensure quality effectiveness of operations in the Surveillance Department.
  • Maintain working knowledge of all rules and regulations of the Gaming Commission and endures strict adherence to same throughout the property.
  • Protect organizational assets and gaming integrity, through the consistent, thorough monitoring of all activities on property, particularly on the gaming floor.
  • Direct the flow of Surveillance Reports to the proper individuals, maintaining the highest level of confidentiality.
  • Communicate with all department heads, to ensure problems are effectively and promptly resolved.
  • Maintain appropriate staffing levels in the Surveillance Department, by interviewing, selecting, training, scheduling, evaluating, promoting, disciplining, and terminating employees, as needed.
  • Establish reporting system for Surveillance related matters and inform management and outside agencies, when cheating, theft, embezzlement or suspicious activities take place on property.
  • Coordinate with the Security Department, when Surveillance discovers a matter that needs further investigation or attention.
  • Study cheating activity and trends in other gaming areas in order to take precautionary measures to deter cheating on this property.
  • Inspect the premises, identifying potential safety to security hazards, and reporting same to the appropriate individual or entity, for proper resolution.
  • Review surveillance recordings and reports, providing detailed information to appropriate individuals, officials and outside agencies.
  • Control and maintain closed circuit television surplus spare parts inventory and ensures proper functioning of all surveillance equipment, coordinating for outside repairs and maintenance as necessary.
  • Be knowledgeable of all surveillance equipment.
  • Be capable of recognizing cheating methods used in gaming activities.
  • Recommend improvements in procedures, policies, and internal controls.
  • Reports policy infractions by employees, suspicious activity and/or suspicious persons when observed.
  • Directs special observations as requested by Casino management, Security or other department heads, or SFPGRC.
  • Reviews results of special observations and recommends action accordingly.
  • Consults with Casino management regarding Gaming violations.
  • Creates and maintains files of Surveillance activities and data.
  • Reviews and evaluates daily reports by Surveillance staff.
  • Maintains evidence files of video recordings.
  • Evaluates daily activities of Surveillance shift supervisors and surveillance staff.
  • Maintains repair log for Surveillance System.
  • Ensures proper functioning of equipment.
  • Develop and monitor department budgets.
  • Responds to 2-hours/day seven days/week for emergency call-outs to perform and/or facilitate emergency equipment repairs anywhere technical investigative equipment is utilized.
  • Maintains the highest level of discretion and confidentiality while performing assignment and duties.


  • Integrity/Honesty

All San Felipe Enterprise team members must operate in an ethical manner by following all Enterprise policies and procedures relating to cash transaction, handling, tracking, and proper behavior between staff and guests. Incumbent must conduct oneself above the appearance of doing something wrong.

  • Guest Service/Client Orientation

All San Felipe Enterprise team members must be able to develop a clear understanding of guests needs and goals while maintaining clear communication with guest regarding meeting their expectations. Must follow through and respond to guests requests and inform them of action taken in a courteous, professional manner.

  • Teamwork

All San Felipe Enterprise team members must be competent in working effectively with division members and members of other divisions to resolve common issues or problems as well as listening and seeking others’ perspective on how to complete assignments. Keeps others informed and up-to-date about tasks, progress, or projects.

  • Team Leadership

Incumbents in this job must effectively manage and guide group efforts by providing and appropriate level of feedback to both individuals and groups regarding their performance and progress.

  • Reasoning

Incumbents in this position must have the ability to breakdown complex items or problems into their component parts. Analyze and use information in order to gain understanding or solve problems. Uses information to gain insight into time sequences, causality, varying contingencies, etc.


  • Prefer five to seven years’ experience in security or surveillance of a high-volume business or industry with a bachelor’s degree in a related field or equivalent work experience.
  • Thorough knowledge of casino games and procedures, as well as knowledge of laws and regulations affecting the gaming industry.
  • Advanced knowledge of the various families of Microsoft Office products.
  • Must be able to obtain and maintain valid gaming license.
  • Able to receive and maintain all required certification.
  • Must complete all required organizational training.
  • Ability to work any days or hours.

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