The Assures the maintenance of high quality, professional and cost-effective pharmacy services at San Felipe Health Center.


Health and Wellness

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Job Description:

This is a community-based position that serves residents of the Pueblo of San Felipe. The Assures the maintenance of high quality, professional and cost-effective pharmacy services at San Felipe Health Center and Pueblo of San Felipe Health & Wellness Department Programs in accordance with Pueblo of San Felipe Tribal Administration and Indian Health Service P.L. 93-638 contract.


  • Performs: drug selection and ordering, compounding and dispensing, bulk compounding of pharmaceutical and stock preparations.
  • Provides information and consultative services to medical staff and patients on drugs, their characteristic dosage, indications, contraindications, adverse reactions, availability and existing formulas. Participates in teaching programs for pharmacy technician students and pharmacy students.
  • Follows policies and procedures for the pharmacy.
  • Maintain a current formulary.
  • Participates with other professional medical staff in determining drug policy for San Felipe Health Center and Pueblo of San Felipe Health & Wellness Programs.
  • Orders, stocks and maintenance of inventory of medications including controlled substances from appropriate suppliers.
  • Maintains all physical resources in a clean operational state. Manages medications in a manner so as to maintain an adequate inventory yet minimizes inventory costs. Stores all medication under appropriate conditions in order to assure potency and integrity of products. Returns outdated, overstocked, or damaged medications to the Primary Vendor or Reverse Distributor as appropriate.
  • Assists with third party billing activities for the pharmacy department including point of sale pharmacy billing for Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance. Submits required information including updates to the Pharmacy Benefits Managers an insurance companies for pharmacy participation in Medicare, Medicaid and Private Insurance Plans. Coordinates with other work units to resolve problems pertaining to on-line POS system.
  • Assist the Pueblo of San Felipe with acquiring and maintain New Mexico Pharmacy Certification required for Medicaid and Medicare billing. Maintains records of compliance with required Waste, Fraud and Abuse trainings.
  • Completes adverse drug reaction reporting, including RPMS/EHR entry. Performs medication usage evaluations to review appropriateness, safety and effectiveness of medication, (including those which may be high risk, high cost and or problem prone), to identify opportunities for improvement. Assists with the development of community assessments.
  • Follows safety policies and procedures. Informs staff of potential job hazards and how to avoid them. See that all pharmacy employee injuries are reported as required. Determine the need for safety equipment. Secure the department resources from loss.
  • Provides: education on medications/vaccines in community settings such as community meetings, classes and training for Pueblo of San Felipe employees and San Felipe Health Center staff.
  • Maintains RPMS drug file, as necessary. Assist with the management of the Information Technology Access Control (ITAC) for RPMS/EHR access of Pueblo of San Felipe Health & Wellness employees. Participates with the New Mexico Board of Pharmacy Prescription Monitoring Program. Participates with the New Mexico Statewide Immunization Information System (NMSIIS) and New Mexico Vaccine for Children (VFC) Program.

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Acts as liaison between the Pueblo of San Felipe and San Felipe Health Center staff, other health care professionals, community organizations and schools, Indian Health Services and other State, County and Federal agencies.
  • This position description in no way states or implies that these are the only duties performed by this employee. He or she will be required to follow any other instructions or to perform any other duties requested by his or her supervisor.



  • Must either have a four-year Bachelor’s degree and/or a Doctorate degree in Pharmacy recognized by the American Council on Pharmaceutical Education. Incumbent must have a valid New Mexico Pharmacist license.

Experience/Basic Knowledge:

  •     Professional knowledge of the theories, principles, practices and techniques of clinical and basic pharmacy to provide direct clinical-pharmaceutical patient services.
  •     Knowledge of IHS Pharmacy Standards of Practice.
  •     Knowledge of customs and mores of the San Felipe community, and appreciation for the importance of traditional
  •     Ways of lifestyle and language are desired.
  •     Demonstrates ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing with a wide scope of people including Indian Health Service employee, paraprofessionals, tribal groups, government agencies, private agencies, patients and families.

Required Licenses/Certifications:

  • Must have valid New Mexico Driver’s license, and must have a valid New Mexico Pharmacist license.

Physical Requirements:

  • The overall physical demand rating for a job of the Pharmacist falls within the Light classification according to the Dictionary of Occupational Titles. Exerting up to 20 pounds of force occasionally and/or 10 pounds of force frequently, and for a negligible amount of force constantly to move objects.

Preferences: San Felipe Preference and Veteran’s Preference

Working Conditions:

Clean, well- lighted, and well-ventilated areas. Spend most of the workday standing. When working with sterile or dangerous pharmaceutical products, required to wear gloves and masks and work with other special protective equipment. May work weekends, after hours, and events.

Additional Info:

Employee Acceptance:  I agree to perform the duties of this position description to the best of my abilities to serve the people of the San Felipe Pueblo.

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