Language & Culture Preservation Coordinator

Incumbent is responsible for the planning, development, implementation, and monitoring of community and school-based programming



Pay Grade:

$11.00 - $14.00 DOE



Job Description:

The Keres Language & Culture Preservation Coordinator is responsible for the planning, development, implementation, and monitoring of community and school-based programming that promotes the fluency of Tribal Members in the home language, Keres. This position will develop, schedule, coordinate, and supervise a Native Keres language program for the Education and Library After-School program, Youth Language Programs and Community Programs. To work in cooperation with Keres language instructors and utilize fluent speakers to provide effective language instruction. To insure that language instruction improves the level of proficiency for all tribal members. Uses appropriate technology to develop and preserve teaching and cultural resources. This position will act as the primary liaison between the Education Director, Governing Administration and Tribal Council in fulfilling the goals of the NMPED Strengthening Tribal Languages grant and other grants and goals to continue to preserve the Keres language.


  1. Develops, administers, and coordinates Keres Language Program
  2. Partners with area schools, parents, and students to assess students’ Keres language and culture needs.
  3. Develops and maintains Memorandums of Understanding with local school districts and schools to offer school-based Keres language courses for Pueblo of San Felipe students.
  4. Works extensively with the community to generate interest and commitment to the language program.
  5. Promotes Keres Language and Culture Program activities, language instructor certification, and events through the use of social media, flyers, signage, email, and outreach.    
  6. Develops community and school-based activities and events that will promote the use of the Keres language.
  7. Collaborates with other Pueblo of San Felipe Tribal Departments to assess the needs of their respective service groups and solicits requests for language activities and events.
  8. Keeps Governing Administration apprised of Keres Language and Culture Program efforts and seeks support of this governing body and the Tribal Council through appropriate means. 
  9. Provides monthly reports for the Education Director and Language Committee regarding progress in meeting the NMPED Strengthening Tribal Languages (STL) grant Scope of Work and/or other grants related to Language. 
  10. Assists with financial reporting and purchasing that relates to the STL Grant and/or other grants related to Language, ensures expenditures are in line with allowable expenses and within the grant budget.     
  11. Assists with monthly invoicing as required by the NMPED for STL grant awardees and/or other grants related to Language. 
  12. Provides quarterly reports to the Education Director and Language Committee on community participation in activities and events, program successes and challenges, and recommendations.
  13. Assists with the preparation and submission of the mid-year and final STL grant reports and/or other grants related to Language.
  14. Oversees Keres Language Classes and works directly with Keres Language Instructors to monitor attendance, scheduling, promotion, and implementation of activities.   
  15. Reviews, analyzes and reports on Keres language curricula and materials.
  16. Maintains detailed records of best practices as they apply to language revitalization and instruction. 
  17. Attends professional development opportunities related to language revitalization and instruction.
  18. Responsible to assist the Katishtya Culture and Language Committee in developing into a self-sustaining committee with established membership and officers.
  19. Responsible for organizing and attending all Katishtya Culture Language Committee meetings until such a time that they become self-sustaining.  Then, only attendance will be required.   
  20. Becomes certified as a Pueblo of San Felipe Keres Language Instructor within 6-months of employment.
  21. Identifies alternative sources of funding and submits proposals.
  22. Interacts with qualified historians in researching and gathering a chronology of Tribal history, traditions, values and customs.
  23. Assesses the performance of staff members and contractors and evaluates compliance with program goals and objectives.
  24. Identifies and provides staff training opportunities.
  25. Performs additional duties and responsibilities as necessary or assigned


  • Education:  HS Diploma or equivalent required.  Associate degree in a related field is preferred.  
  • Experience/Basic Knowledge: Must be a fluent Keres and English language speaker and have a high degree of understanding of the cultural practices and norms of the Pueblo of San Felipe.  1-year of experience in a professional office environment is preferred.  Must have good writing skills and the ability to solve basic math computations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and measurements.  
  • Required Licenses/Certifications: A valid driver’s license is required.
  • Physical Requirements: Must have the ability to sit for long periods of time.  Ability to lift, bend, and stoop.   
  • Preferences: San Felipe Preference and Veteran’s Preference.

Working Conditions:

Works in office. Sits for long periods of time at a desk using a desktop computer. 

Additional Info:

This position description in no way states or implies that these are the only duties performed by this employee. He or she will be required to follow any other instructions or to perform any other duties requested by his or her supervisor.

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