Electronic Health Record/ Program Coordinator

This position will oversee the development of interfaces and functionality between IHS and tribal data systems.


Health & Wellness

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Job Description:

This position will oversee the development of interfaces and functionality between IHS and tribal data systems, and support practices in a manner consistent with medical, administrative, ethical, legal and regulatory requirements of the operating health care systems. This position will also assist the Project Director in coordinating the daily operations of the Behavioral Health Integration Initiative grant.


EHR/ Program Coordinator will be responsible for:

  • Planning, implementing, and evaluation of Clinical Information Technology software.
  • Manages the customization of the site parameters and address integration issues with software packages
  • Assists in the implantation of new software products obtained by the facility
  • Assist in configuration, training, testing and troubleshooting PMS & EMR application within Comprehensive Health Divisions
  • Will assist with identification and resolution of workflow gaps in documentation, assist with possible option for resolving issues and communicate outcomes pertaining to the Comprehensive Health Division.
  • Assist with update/upgrade of related software/hardware obtained by the facility to stay current with functionality related to the PMS/EMR platform
  • Develop and maintain positive working relationships with practice users to ensure optimal utilization of clinical applications. Provide training on other applications for the Divisional departments and individuals as needed.
  • Will work departments with data collection for quality reports, presentations, memorandums and letters as required.
  • Coordinates and assesses current performance of the organization in specified clinical areas as related to the efficient PMS/ EMR processes which will affect quality of care and enhance revenue.
  • Assist in the process improvement of the organization to assure quality health care and improved customer (internal and external) satisfaction.
  • Supports with the implementation, enhancements and support of clinical systems required to meet all accrediting agencies and reporting requirements
  • Supports with modification, or creation of EMR templates (forms) to effectively collect data
  • Conduct testing, documentation of customer support, trouble shooting, and issue resolution related to the EMR templates
  • Adhere to all Tribal Personnel Policies and Procedures, Tribal Standard Operating Procedures, and Area and Program Strategic Plans and Policies
  • Serves as a liaison between IT, Program Coordinator’s, and IHS
  • Acquires a comprehensive knowledge of  the software and provides training
  • Coordinates efforts to correct deficiencies and errors that occur in the electronic health record
  • Will work other departments in submissions of reporting requirements.
  • Retrieving and releasing medical records for physicians, quality reporting, or other grant related requirements
  • Planning, developing, maintaining or operating a variety of health indexes or record systems to collect, classify, store, or analyze information
  • Providing regular feedback to administrators on data systems optimization and how systems can support Integration initiatives
  • Submitting data to evaluation team regularly
  • Administrative duties include: scheduling and organizing meetings; sending notifications to health care teams; providing programmatic updates; maintaining professional relationships with partner agencies; attending meetings
  • Perform special projects and other duties as needed for the Behavioral Health Integration Initiative grant

Additional Responsibilities:

  • The above duties and responsibilities are not an all-inclusive list but rather a general representation of the duties and responsibilities associated with this position. The duties and responsibilities will be subject to change based on organizational needs and/or deemed necessary by the supervisor.


  • Education: Minimum of Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field, or 3 years work experience in related field.
  • Experience/Intermediate Knowledge: Knowledge of general computer skills and experience working with the electronic health record or other data systems. Knowledge and understanding of IHS clinics, dental, and behavioral health programs. Experience in working in a multidisciplinary environment.
  • Required Licenses/Certifications: None
  • Physical Requirements: Must have manual dexterity to enter and retrieve data from a computer. Ability to sit and stand for long periods. Bends and stoops regularly.
  • Personal Qualities: Ability to maintain positive professional attitude; well organized; communicates effectively; able to organize, write, and verbally communicate electronic health related information to multiple audiences.  
  • Preferences: Verbal communication in Keres is preferred.  

Working Conditions:

Works between IHS and behavioral health sites. Sits for long periods of time and types. Travel within San Felipe Pueblo is expected. Out of state travel is possible.

Additional Info:

Employee Acceptance:  I agree to perform the duties of this position description to the best of my abilities to serve the people of the San Felipe Pueblo.

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