Executive Administrator

Position works directly under the supervision of Pueblo's Governor.



Pay Grade:




Job Description:

Position works directly under the supervision Pueblo Governor. Serves as the Pueblo’s government liaison to federal, state and local governments as well as liaison with other Pueblo entities.  Incumbent will meet the requirements, goals and objectives of the Pueblo of San Felipe Administration and Tribal Council.  Position requires an ability to perform a wide variety of duties of above average difficulty.  Responsible for a variety of research, analysis, project coordination and legislative liaison activities.


•    Works directly with the Tribal Administration to inform and assist in issues related to legislation as well as ongoing Pueblo projects and endeavors.
•    Translates matters to Tribal Council in the Keres language as needed and upon request.  
•    Advises the Tribal Administration in the development of strategic approaches to address Pueblo priorities and issues as they arise.
•    Lead and motivate subordinates to advance employee engagement develop a high performing managerial team.
•    Encourage employee engagement.
•    Train a high performing Ex. managerial team.
•    Oversee all operations and business activities to ensure they produce the desired results and are consistent with the overall strategy and mission.
•    Review financial and non-financial reports
•    Give advice for improvement and suggestions for solution
•    Builds trusting relations with employees, community members, management and leadership. 
•    Enforce adherence to legal guidelines and in-house policies.
•    Manages and addresses issues related to human resources in a fair and consistent manner. 
•    Monitors and tracks legislation and other initiatives that could affect or impact the Pueblo of San Felipe or Indian Country, including but not limited to economic development, environmental protection, human services, and trust land issues.  
•    Provides recommendations and develops a strategic plan that support the tribe’s mission, goals and objectives.
•    Participates in consultation meetings with county, state, federal or other external entities. 
•    Researches and analyzes issues of community interest.
•    Represents the tribe in various meetings relevant to respective legislation and/or project related issues.  
•    Prepares and releases reports to promote overall public understanding and support for the tribe’s mission.
•    Initiates and monitors tribal projects in collaboration with Tribal Administration and Directors. 
•    Acts as a liaison between tribal committees, boards and business ventures. 
•    Engages in the development of public sector partnership on behalf of the Pueblo of San Felipe.  
•    Works with the Tribal Administration to prioritize issues and channels financial and personnel resources to address these priorities.  
•    Works with management staff to enforce fiscal and personnel policies and procedures. 
•    Crafts specific strategies to address key external legislative and/or policy initiatives. 
•    Ensures that an ongoing, productive, governmental relationship continues with all agencies of the federal government. 
•    Works directly with Pueblo lobbyists in promoting the Pueblo’s legislative issues and related matters.
•    Promotes the Pueblo of San Felipe’s inherent right to self-government consistent with its sovereign status. 
•    Raises public awareness, build coalitions, informs tribal administration of impending state, and federal legislation.


•    Master’s Degree preferred or Bachelor’s degree (BA) from a four-year College or university; or four+ years related experience and/or training; or an equivalent combination of education and experience. Language proficiency in both English and Keres is preferred.  
•    Must possess excellent writing skills and an ability to effectively verbally communicate with all individuals whom they encounter.  
•    5+ years’ Executive staff level and management experience.
•    Excellent communication and public speaking skills
•    Excellent interpersonal and leadership skills
•    Must have valid driver’s license.
•    Must be action oriented. 
•    Must pass a drug/alcohol test.
•    Must pass a thorough background check. 
•    San Felipe Preference and Veteran’s Preference preferred.
•    Keres speaking required.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

•    Proven track record of effectively interacting with senior level management and or tribal leadership. 
•    Ability to work strategically and collaboratively across departments and with leadership.
•    Effective written and communication skills.
•    Effective, versatile and action oriented. 
•    Knowledge in grants and contracts. 
•    Knowledge and ability to write grants. 
•    Ability to prepare different types of correspondence for the Governor. 
•    Ability to prioritize projects and meet deadlines.
•    Knowledge and ability to write and prepare strategic plans with both long and short terms goals and objectives. 
•    Ability to collaborate and work well with all tribal departments and all other management within the administration. 
•    Must possess knowledge in legislative issues related to county, state, federal and other tribes.
•    Ability to enforce policies/procedures that include personnel and fiscal. 
•    Ability to promote the needs of the pueblo in the best interest of the pueblo. 
•    Ability to ensure a positive government to government relations on behalf of the pueblo with state, federal governments, other tribes and agencies.

Working Conditions:

Works in office. Sits for long periods of time and types. Physical Requirements: Must have manual dexterity to enter and retrieve data from a computer. Ability to sit and stand for long periods.

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